"75% of computer users either don't have or don't update their anti-virus software on a regular basis."
--The National Cyber Security Alliance Internet Security Study
Simple, automatic, secure online backup
Blue Granite Backups runs automatically, on schedule, every night, which insures that staff oversights and busy schedules don't interfere with the data backup process. If you lose files, it takes just a few clicks from your desktop to restore your data. Once you experience how easy and effortless our service is you'll never go back to your old backup methods.
Never worry again about forgetting to back up. No matter how busy you get your backups will happen automatically, every day. Eliminate the hassle and worries of traditional onsite backup. No more hauling tapes, external drives, or CD's back and forth from the office. Our fully automated system frees you to focus on what's important-your business.
Computer data is the single most valuable resource of any business. At prices that approach only pennies per megabyte, it now makes sense to prepare for costly data loss and downtime. Compared to other elective and non-critical expenses, online data backup is not only affordable but also just plain sensible.
Your data is encrypted before it's backed up with stronger encryption than banks use. Your files stay encrypted at our secure data center, so only you have access. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the data is offsite, heavily encrypted, and unavailable to anyone else during transit or storage.
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