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Remote Backup Technical FAQ
  • What are the technical requirements?
    Our software can run on any version of Microsoft Windows going all the way back to Windows 95. It can run on any machine with at least a 200mhz processor and 128mb RAM. Your computer should have enough work space that our software can create some temporary copies of your files during the backup. Usually 1 GB is more than enough, but if you have very large files we'll need more space. If you're going to use BitBackup (see below explanation of what BitBackup is), then our software will have to keep copies of all the files being backed up (for comparison purposes).
  • Do you have Mac or Linux support?
    Not directly, but... Our software can back up anything that you can map a drive to. Many of our customers set it up on a Windows computer and then just map drives to their Mac's and Linux computers. It works very well. It also means you can back up multiple machines from one location on the network.
  • What types of encryption are available?
    There are 6 Choices. If you don't choose choose one manually, it will default to AES 256-bit because it's the most secure. In the old days the higher security would have slowed down computers, but most machines in production now have no problem with it. The choices are:
    • DES (8.2 Compatible)
    • DES (8.3 Standard)
    • Blowfish (variable key up to 448-bit)
    • AES 128-bit
    • AES 192bit
    • AES 256-bit (most secure)
  • What types of backups are available?
    Full (all files in the backup set), Differential (all files that have changed since the last Full backup), Incremental (all files in the backup set that have changed since the last backup), and BitBackup (just the "bits" of the changed parts of the files).
  • How does it determine if a file has changed for differential and incremental backups?
    There are two ways. First, is by using the "Archive Bit". However, we've found that if people are using multiple backup products on the same network, this can cause confusion. So, by default our software uses the other method which is modification date & time. Our software keeps track of when its backups were and uses the date/time stamp to determine what needs to be backed up.
  • Is it Vista compatible?
    Yes, though some of the features will not work (like open file manager). At this point we believe Vista is still in its infancy and shouldn't be used in a production environment. However, we know some of our customers use it and we do support it. The most important features do work with Vista.
  • How does "BitBackup" work?
    Our software makes a copy of the file and puts it in its (configurable) temp directory. During a backup, it compares the production file with the copy bit-for-bit. Then it copies just the changed bits to the server. For certain types of files, this can speed things up and reduce the amount of data being stored on the backup server. For example, if you have a large Outlook .pst file, this can reduce the backup time as not much of it changes from day-to-day.
  • What's the best backup method to choose?
    We find that in most situations our customers are best off doing incremental backups. In the old days when people would use tape, occasional Full backups were necessary. But, with online storage that's not necessary.
  • Can you back up Exchange and SQL Servers?
    Yes. Our software can back up both of these. If you would like to set this up, please contact us. While it's easier to use than most backup software, we should help you so that you know it's set up correctly.
  • Can you retrieve our data if we don't have our encryption key?
    Simply put, no we cannot! It is the customers responsibility to keep a copy of their encryption key in a safe location. We suggest putting one copy in a safe-deposit box with your bank. You may want to stash a copy with your accountant and your IT person's office. If the business has an "owner", they should take a copy home. You don't need to replace that copy unless you change your encryption key, so one it's off-site you're fine.
  • I'm pretty technical, do I need you to help met set it up?
    No. It's pretty straight forward for a technical person. Once the account is created, you can probably set it up yourself. If you've used backup software in the past, you'll find it's very easy. Feel free to call us if you have questions, though.
  • Are there ever upgrades?
    Yes. Once or twice a year we upgrade the server and provide an upgraded version of the client software. The new server software is completely backward-compatible with older versions of the client software, so no upgrade on your part is necessary. If, however, you would like to take advantage of some of the new features, just let us know. We either send you a link to the newest version of the software or push out the newest version to you. Please note, we have customers who are using versions of the client software that are 4 years old and are very happy with it. Upgrades are not necessary.

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